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  • The United States Marine Corps ArmA III MilSim unit aims at creating the best environment for the infantrymen, aviators, tank crewman and all of our other members in between, with the intention of creating a semi-realistic modern combat simulator within the limits of the ArmA 3 platform. Consider exploring our website to learn more about the unit. If you have any questions, feel free to join our TeamSpeak 3 server and speak with a Recruitment Officer today!


    The United States Marine Corps unit will hold main operations on every Sunday and Wednesday of the week, starting promptly at 8:00 PM US Eastern Standard Time, with Mini Operations the following suit throughout the week.


    The 2nd Marine Regiment, 22nd MEU, and the 2nd Armoured Battalion,  currently stationed in Sahrani fighting the newly founded northern government. The northern has sent troops to the southern border capturing different strategic military bases. the USMC Operations consist of using all units within the military, from air support, ground support and even medical support. (Visit HERE to view the Campaign lore) 


    Consider checking around our website to learn more about our unit. Some helpful places to view are Unit Orbat, Unit Rollcall, Server Mods 


    We thank you for taking the time to learn and visit the United States Marine Corps ArmA 3 MilSim page. If you have any questions regarding our unit feel free to post them on our Frequently Asked Questions page or join our TeamSpeak 3 server! 



    From the founding members, we welcome you to the official ArmA 3 USMC website!

    Captain Jared Flynn (Commanding Officer) 

    1st Lieutenant Tanner Swanson (Executive Officer) 

    First Sergeant Wyatt Diaz (First Sergeant) 




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